Experience, knowledge and passion are the attributes that distinguish HydroCorp’s leadership team of seasoned, committed professionals. HydroCorp’s senior management consists of acknowledged industry experts with extensive records of professional achievement.

Lawrence J. Labute  |  Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

HydroCorp founder, Chairman and CEO Larry LaBute oversees all aspects of HydroCorp’s operations. Mr. LaBute draws upon more than 40 years of water systems expertise in providing the company with strategic and tactical guidance, as well as advising governmental agencies concerning backflow prevention and water safety issues.

Prior to founding Hydrodesigns, Mr. LaBute served for twelve years as founder and chief executive officer of a company specializing in proprietary water purification systems for the industrial and medical markets.

As the author of numerous papers and an in-demand speaker at leading industry conferences, Mr. LaBute has earned widespread respect throughout the water quality industry. He is a member of American Water Works Association, the , American Public Works Association, , NRWA, FRWA, FASD, the American Society of Sanitary Engineers and other leading industry associations.

Mr. LaBute holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Oakland University and a Master’s degree from S. S. Cyril & Methodius Seminary.

Mark L. Martin  |  Chief Financial Officer and Principal

As Hydrocorp’s Chief Financial Officer, Mark L. Martin leverages many years of multi-industry leadership experience to administration of the company’s financial operations. A Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Global Management Accountant and seasoned business consultant, Mr. Martin has been extensively involved in the implementation and monitoring of business strategies through operational and organizational management. Mr. Martin also works to facilitate growth by negotiating and structuring alliances and acquisitions, and has been extensively involved in the development and implementation of Continuous Improvement Processes and related training.

Mr. Martin’s extracurricular activities include active involvement in sports car racing; as a driver, he has achieved many wins and multiple championships.

Mr. Martin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Michigan State University.

Glenn Adamus  |  Vice President, Operations, Industrial Division

A member of the Hydrocorp team for the past thirteen years, Glenn Adamus provides thought leadership and operational guidance to the company, leveraging his exhaustive knowledge of water quality issues to provide oversight of critical high profile projects. Mr. Adamus is an acknowledged expert in his field, having authored a wide range of publications addressing cross-connection and contamination issues.

Glenn has managed various water quality analysis projects related to process water and potable water systems on Hydrocorp’s behalf, including Stage 2 DBPR, Lead and Copper Rule, water distribution system/quality characterization studies, water main/system disinfections, legionella risk assessment and monitoring, and industry compliance monitoring. He has also performed and managed numerous cross connection control surveys/consulting projects for large industry and public water systems throughout the United States.

Mr. Adamus has also developed and conducted training programs for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Michigan Environmental Health Association, and the Delaware Rural Water Association, as well as leading companies such as Ford, Chrysler, and Honeywell.

Mr. Adamus holds an extensive range of professional certifications, including:

  • Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Certificate (College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  • Cross Connection Control Surveyor Certification (College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  • ASSE Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester
  • ASSE Certified Cross Connection Control Surveyor
  • ASSE Certified Backflow Prevention Program Administrator
  • ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course (5110) Instructor and Proctor
  • ASSE Cross Connection Control Surveyor Course (5120) Instructor and Proctor
  • ASSE Backflow Prevention Program Manager (5150) Instructor and Proctor
  • MDEQ Certified Construction Site Storm Water Operator Certification
  • MDEQ Certified Industrial Site Storm Water Operator Certification

Mr. Adamus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan – Dearborn.

Dave Cardinal  |  Vice President, Operations, Municipal Division

Dave has over twenty years’ experience as a water professional and has a successful record of accomplishments in the cross-connection control industry. Experienced in program development, project management, developing and conducting employee education and training programs, developing and instructing State certified education and training classes, quality assurance, customer service, and client satisfaction. Experience, Training, Certifications:

  • American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA), MI Chapter, Vice President
  • American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Series 5000 Proctor
  • American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Standard #5110 Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester – Certification #26905
  • Michigan Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification – 2010, Certification #MPMCA-26905
  • Dale Carnegie – Management Training for Managers 2005
  • University of Florida – TREEO Center
    • Cross Connection Control: Survey and Inspection 2003
    • Cross Connection Control: Ordinance and Organization 2003
    • Cross Connection Control Program Manager 2003
  • University of Southern California Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research – Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, 1997

Scott Mitchell  |  Operations Manager, Midwest Region – Municipal Division

Scott has been a member of the HydroCorp team since 2012. Previously, he held numerous positions with West Bend Water Utility since 1986 including Plant Operator, Computer Control Supervisor, Water Superintendent and acting Water Manager. He currently oversees operational and administrative services for cross-connection control and water meter installation programs in the HydroCorp Midwest Region. Scott has had extensive training in computer science at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, WI and has experience in PLC programming and controls systems. In addition, Scott holds the following certifications:

  • WI DNR Operators Certificate – Grade 1, #21756
  • WI Cross Connection Control Tester License – #1408089
  • ASSE 5120 Cross Connection Control Surveyor Certification – 30569

Gary McLaren  |  Regional Sales & Training Manager, Midwest Region

Since joining HydroCorp in 2004, Gary McLaren has overseen both the strategic operations and the ongoing expansion of services across HydroCorp’s Midwest region. A highly respected leader noted for his hands-on field expertise, Mr. McLaren is also HydroCorp’s Cross-Connection Control Program Advisor for companies and communities throughout the Midwest. He is responsible for developing over 125 municipal cross-connection control programs, with an emphasis on program cost containment and efficiently sustainable water safety protocols.
Mr. McLaren is also one of the country’s most experienced and engaging training instructors, in both industrial and municipal backflow prevention methodologies. He has personally implemented over 3,000 facility cross-connection surveys, in diverse environments ranging from small-town municipal water purveyors, to major pulp/paper processing complexes, to industrial food and beverage processing/packaging firms.
Mr. McLaren’s many awards and certifications include:

  • ASSE# 5150 Certified Backflow Prevention Program Administrator
  • 45 Cross-Connection Surveys, Automotive Manufacturing Facilities 1999-2000
  • Certification MDEQ (Michigan) Advanced Cross-Connection Control Training Program – 2004
  • State of Wisconsin Certified Cross Connection Control Assembly Tester – 2005
  • Cross-Connection Control Program Manager – Midwest Region; 25 Water Utility clients 2005 – 2007
  • Multiple published articles in Public Water System periodicals 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Member, Wisconsin DNR Advisory Panel for State Code Revision on Cross Connection Control Regulation NR 810.15 2009-2010
  • Lead Instructor with Wisconsin Rural Water Association Cross Connection Control Class Series –Statewide, 2009 -2014 (12 full-day courses annually)
  • Instructor with Wisconsin Rural Water Association Cross Connection Control Class Series –Statewide, 2011 -2014 (two 40-hr courses annually)
  • Minnesota Rural Water Association Cross Connection Control Class Series Instructor 2010-2014
  • Vice Chairperson – Wisconsin Water Association Education Committee 2011-2013

Tony Averbeck  |  Client Relations Manager, Municipal Division

Tony Averbeck joined Hydrocorp in 2010 following a successful 31-year career with the La Crosse, WI Water Utility. In his work for the Utility as Office Supervisor, Tony oversaw cross connection control, customer service, billing, meter reading, accounting budget preparations, and financial reporting. He leverages this experience to facilitate easy interaction between Hydrocorp and its clients and in assisting clients with database setup for cross connection control programs.

Mr. Averbeck has been a member of the American Water Works Association for over 30 years, and has held a number of prestigious positions within the organization’s Wisconsin section. He is currently a member of the AWWA’s Cross Connection Control Committee, and was the AWWA International Director for the Wisconsin Section. He has previously served as the Wisconsin Section Chair as well as serving as member or chair of numerous Wisconsin Section committees.

Mr. Averbeck was awarded the Leon A. Smith Award in 2009 and the George Warren Fuller Award in 2013 from the AWWA Wisconsin Section. His community involvement extends to numerous civic and charitable organizations, including the Lions Club, Jaycees, the West Salem Parks & Recreation and Planning Committees, and the West Salem Booster Club, including service as Chair or President for many of these.

Paul Patterson  |  Vice President, Business Development, Municipal Division

Mr. Patterson joined HydroCorp, Inc. in 2004, and is responsible for operational oversight of over 200 Cross-Connection Control Programs throughout Michigan, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Wisconsin and Virginia. Mr. Patterson is also a highly regarded, in-demand instructor across North America, and conducts HydroCorp’s popular training programs in Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, American Water Works Association, Michigan Rural Water Association and Delaware Rural Water Association.

Before joining HydroCorp, Mr. Patterson was a member of the U.S. Air Force, where he assisted in the implementation of a stateside installation Cross-Connection Control Program, and has provided his rich field expertise to numerous construction projects around the world.

Mr. Patterson brings over twenty years of experience in plumbing, water distribution, and cross-connection control systems, garnering a deep knowledge base and earning many professional certifications through his career, including:

State of Nevada

  • Water Distribution Operator
  • Journeyman Plumber License – Clark County
  • CAL/NV AWWA Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

University of Florida – TREEO Center

  • Cross-connection Control Program Manager Certificate
  • Cross-connection Control Ordinance & Organization Certificate
  • Cross-connection Control Survey & Inspection Certificate
  • Cross-Connection Control Backflow Prevention Testing Certificate

American Society of Sanitary Engineering – ASSE

  • Cross-Connection Control Backflow Prevention Testing Certification
  • Cross-Connection Control Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair Certification
  • Backflow Program Administrator Certification
  • Cross Connection Control Surveyor Certification
  • Cross-Connection Control – Series 5000 Certification, Course Instructor / Proctor

International Code Council (International Plumbing Code)

  • Commercial Plumbing Inspector Certification

Professional Memberships

  • Member – American Water Works Association
  • Member – American Society of Sanitary Engineers
  • Member – American Public Works Association
  • Member – International Code Council

Steven Fox  |  Account Manager, Training Coordinator

Steven Fox brings over twenty years of water and wastewater operations management experience to his work for HydroCorp. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Fox served as territory manager for Zurn Wilkins in metropolitan Washington DC, providing cross connection control training and technical assistance to a variety of industries and public water systems. Mr. Fox also served for 22 years in the DC Air National Guard as a Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialist.

Mr. Fox is an active member of the Delaware and Maryland Rural Water Associations, the Water and Wastewater Operators Association, the American Water Works Association, the American Backflow Prevention Association, and the American Society of Sanitary Engineers. He also holds an extensive range of certifications, including:

  • ASSE 5120 Cross Connection Surveyor
  • ASSE 5150 Backflow Prevention Administrator
  • ASSE 5110 Backflow Prevention Tester
  • ASSE 5000 Series Test Proctor
  • WSSC/MD Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester/Mechanic (Cert#05-05-5787)
  • USAF Plumbing Apprentice
  • USAF Utilities System Specialist Journeyman (Plumbing Journeyman)
  • USAF Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Superintendent (AF Master Level)
  • USAF Operations Management Craftsman Apprentice (Honor Graduate)
  • USAF Operations Management Craftsman Journeyman