City of Cloquet

101 14th St, Cloquet, MN 55720

City of Cloquet

101 14th St, Cloquet, MN 55720


The City of Cloquet is working with technicians from HydroCorp to perform the community wide replacement program of all current water meters and reading devices. The goal of the meter replacement program is to update the community’s water meter infrastructure. This replacement program will help to ensure continuing accuracy and functional operation of the meter reading system.

Appointments for the meter installation MUST BE SCHEDULED through the approved third-party contractor, HydroCorp who specializes in community-wide installation programs.

The process of replacing the water meter typically takes less than 45 minutes, and there are NO FEES FOR THE METER REPLACEMENT.

Prior to the scheduled appointment, it is the property owner’s responsibility to:

1. Provide clear, unobstructed access to the water meter. This means the technician has access to operate both valves and can access, remove, and replace the meter with both hands.

2. Provide fully operable shut off valves on both sides of the meter. If these valves leak or fail during the meter replacement, it is the property owner’s responsibility to replace or repair the valves. If it is found to be unsafe to exchange the meter due to accessibility or because of obvious deterioration of the valves, the meter exchange will have to be rescheduled after the property owner has made the necessary repairs.

Visit or call 844-493-7641 to schedule your appointment. Your appointment needs to be scheduled no later than 5 BUSINESS DAYS from receiving this notice as technicians will be in your area shortly. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please call 844-493-7641.

Important Facts

What to expect When upgrading your water meter

Information Regarding The Water Meter Replacement

  • The property owner or a designated representative 18 years of age or older is required to be present.
  • Please keep pets contained during installation.
  • Make sure the water meter is unobstructed and accessible. The technician will need to operate the water shut-off valve(s) and will need to remove and replace the meter with both hands.
  • If HydroCorp technicians determine that the water meter cannot be replaced during the appointment because of other problems such as (a) existing leaks, (b) direct connections with no coupling, (c) imminent failure of deteriorated piping, (d) no accessibility because of obstruction by hot water heater or other object, or (e) any other reason, the meter replacement will have to be rescheduled after the problem has been corrected.

The following is a picture of grounding with a jumper wire and two clamps.

Additional Information

Check Your Valve(s): This is an appropriate time to update old shutoffs.

It’s possible that, during meter replacement, an old or damaged water shutoff valve can break. If this occurs, repairs are the homeowner’s responsibility, not the contractor’s.

Prior to scheduling the installation of your new meter, it is highly recommended that property owners check their existing shutoff valve for proper operation. If the valve is not functioning properly, repairs should be made prior to the installation. A State of Minnesota Licensed Plumbing Contractor must be used to perform this service. 

Gate valves (left) are more likely to break during shutoff: Consider updating. Lever-handled ball-valves (right) are less likely to break after prolonged disuse.