Cross-Connection Control Program Management

Every home, business, hospital and industrial facility in your community can put potable water safety at risk. Chemical or biological contamination of water supplies resulting from backflow can cause illness as well as creating multi-million dollar liabilities.

Cross-connection control is a fact of life. Most state and local regulations require water providers to develop and maintain a viable Cross-Connection Control Program, to help minimize the threat of backflow in their communities. But it’s not so simple. Take a look at a typical CCC program, and you’ll see the task is daunting. Not to mention the additional pressure it puts on your people and resources.

HydroCorp can help. In fact, Cross-Connection Control Program Management is our specialty – we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. We can design a streamlined, cost-efficient and customizable Cross-Connection Control Program that incorporates:

  • Developing Cross-Connection Control Ordinance
  • Determining Program Parameters Based On Your Specific Needs
  • Developing Your Custom Cross-Connection Control Plan
  • Implementing and Managing the Program Collaboratively
  • Creating and Managing Public Awareness Information
  • Backflow Prevention, Health Hazard Determination Survey – Identifying High Hazard Facilities
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Compliance.

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