About Hydrocorp

Our Vision / Mission

“We keep drinking water safe. We make people aware of the inherent risks and associated compliance issues related to water and other distribution systems. Our goal is cost effective compliance”

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Expertise, Commitment, Knowledge, and Service

It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It is the inspiration that guides HydroCorp’s activities, day after day, and year after year.

We are proud to consider ourselves a company grounded in high principles, sound business practices, absolute integrity, and unparalleled expertise within our field. We realize that these are the essential factors in successfully attaining our mission, in consistently fulfilling our commitments to our clients, and in advancing the well being of the public at large.

Our Vision is to take our knowledge of maintaining safe drinking water systems into new territories by establishing regional offices and partnerships throughout North America. To share our experiences with new customers, thus enabling more consumers to benefit from our cost effective management practices. And to continually expand our services to provide a more comprehensive service offering for our existing and new clients.

HydroCorp's Unmatched Success

Enhancing Health, Safety, and Efficiency with Remarkable Client Retention Rate.

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Over Four Decades Of Water Safety Leadership

Clean, pure water is something people tend to take for granted – until it isn’t available. When water quality is the issue, companies and cities alike need expert, reliable reassurance.

Our company has grown to a staff of more than 60 highly trained, committed, and certified professionals—and it has changed its name to reflect its broadened capabilities and mission. Today, HydroCorp serves over 400 municipal clients in ten states, as well as corporate and industrial clients throughout North America. Senior HydroCorp staff assists communities in authoring effective water safety regulations. Its senior management team is regularly called upon to speak at conferences, seminars, and industry association meetings. And HydroCorp continues to serve its earliest automotive clients, providing ongoing management of their backflow prevention and cross-connection control initiatives.

HydroCorp was founded in 1983 as “HydroDesigns” by Larry LaBute. A major automotive manufacturing facility suspected that its employees were at risk due to tainted drinking water and called upon Larry to diagram the plant’s entire water system and recommend corrective measures. The cross-connections were identified and solved – but it quickly became apparent that this potentially dangerous occurrence was by no means an isolated incident. The potential for water contamination from a backflow event existed at countless facilities and companies, and there was an immediate need for the services of dedicated experts capable of identifying problem areas and proposing effective solutions. Over time, HydroDesigns provided its expertise to several U.S. auto manufacturers and assisted in developing backflow prevention safety standards.

Recognizing similar potential hazards in municipal water systems led cities and public utilities to call upon HydroCorp as well. The company quickly developed a thriving municipal practice, serving towns and cities throughout the United States. HydroDesigns’ efforts led communities to create realistic, enforceable backflow prevention and cross-connection control standards and programs, helping to limit legal liability, safeguard public health, and maintain full compliance with state and federal regulations.