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Giving Our Clients Peace Of Mind

For 40 years, HydroCorp has been safeguarding drinking water from the hazards of backflow, and ensuring water systems are compliant with state and local backflow prevention water regulations.

Protecting Your Drinking Water

From Large and Small Public Water Systems to Paper Mills, Hospitals, and Food Processing Plants, HydroCorp has the range of experience you want when protecting your drinking water supply. Our specialists are experienced with facility infrastructure across all industries and will quickly identify the potential hazards that can impact health and safety and regulatory compliance.

Prevention & Control Experts

For over 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to protecting public and private water supply systems from the dangers of backflow, legionella, and other hazards. Water purveyors, commercial, industrial and health care facilities, and government agencies all rely on HydroCorp’s expertise to protect their drinking water, reduce their exposure, and improve their regulatory compliance.

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Expert Services for Safeguarding Drinking Water

For 40 years, HydroCorp has succeeded in improving health and safety, reducing risk, cutting operational costs, and increasing efficiency for its clients, earning their trust and allegiance. 

Core Services

Giving Our Clients Peace of Mind

Safeguarding drinking water from the hazards of backflow, and their water systems are compliant with local, state and federal safe water regulations.


Cross Connection Control


Water Meter Exchange

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Legionella Prevention



For companies, communities and government agencies

HydroCorp is the trusted authority for safeguarding water systems.





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Safe Water.
Regulatory Compliance.
And Peace of Mind.

Case Studies

We measure success through proven results. We understand our clients and provide specialized comprehensive services to meet their needs. 

Health Hazards. In a Hospital.

Water Safety in Food Packaging

Stopping Legionella Disease. Before it Starts.

Debugging a Food Processing Plant.