For companies, communities and government agencies across North America, HydroCorp is the trusted authority for safeguarding water systems.

For over 35 years, we’ve been dedicated to protecting water systems from the dangers of backflow, legionella, and other hazards. Water purveyors, commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities, and government agencies all rely on HydroCorp’s expertise to protect their drinking water, reduce their exposure, and improve their regulatory compliance.

  • Water purveyors benefit from cost effective, professionally managed cross-connection control and water meter change-out programs that ease the burden on staff and ensure regulatory compliance, while protecting their community’s drinking water.
  • Industrial/commercial water users benefit through potable water system visibility and risk mitigation – reducing costs, reducing liability, minimizing downtime, safeguarding employee health, and ensuring corporate and regulatory compliance.
  • The result: Your drinking water stays safe. Your water system is compliant. Your risk and exposure are reduced. Your water – and your people – are protected.