By Steve Fox, Account Manager, HydroCorp
September 2018

If you’re reading this blog, chances are good that you already know about the very real dangers of backflow, where a cross-connection can allow non-potable water to contaminate the drinking water supply. And yet, despite backflow incidents that regularly generate headlines, despite tens of millions of dollars paid out in litigation, and despite water safety professionals across the country banging on about the need for cross-connection control, it’s surprising how many people remain unaware – or unconcerned – about the threat their facilities may pose to public health.

By Terry Murphy, HydroCorp
August 2018

HydroCorp just recently conducted a Facility Risk Assessment for one of the world’s preeminent research hospitals. As always, these surveys remind us that potable water in healthcare facilities is under siege from dozens of threats, including uncontrolled backflow, supply disruptions, or water quality degradation.

By Gary McLaren, HydroCorp
March 2018

For years, public water systems in Michigan have been required to implement a comprehensive cross-connection control program to protect the public water supply from the hazards of unprotected cross connections and backflow events. Many communities prioritized non-residential water customers when they started the program, due to the typically higher hazard risk. However, we’re now seeing more and more communities implement the residential portion of the program.