Legionella Prevention and Control

In a recent report, the CDC confirmed a dangerous increase in legionella-related deaths in the U.S. To counter this threat, strict guidelines – including the Department of Health & Human Services CMS Memo S&C 17-30, ASHRAE Standard 188, and VHA Directive 1061 – have established minimum legionellosis risk management requirements for building water systems.

These regulations make it clear: the threat must be stopped at the source – the facility water system. And HydroCorp can help.

Tailored Services for Large and Small Facilities
HydroCorp has engineered a systematized legionella prevention and control protocol that can be customized for any facility of any size. These services include:

  • Point-Of-Use Water System Surveys
  • Facility Water Flow Diagrams
  • Potable Cold and Domestic Hot Water Piping System Surveys
  • Potable Cold and Domestic Hot Water Piping System Drawings / CAD FILES
  • Comprehensive Facility Water Management Plans for Legionella Prevention and Control