Cross-connection control is a fact of life. Most state and local regulations require water providers to develop and maintain a viable Cross-Connection Control Program, to help minimize the threat of backflow in their communities. But it’s not so simple. Take a look at a typical CCC program, and you’ll see the task is daunting. Not to mention the additional pressure it puts on your people and resources.

HydroCorp can help. In fact, Cross-Connection Control Program Management is our specialty – we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. We’re fully versed in Minnesota’s regulatory climate, and can design a streamlined, cost-efficient and customizable Cross-Connection Control Program that incorporates:

  • Developing Cross-Connection Control Ordinance
  • Determining Program Parameters Based On Your Specific Needs
  • Developing Your Custom Cross-Connection Control Plan
  • Implementing and Managing the Program Collaboratively
  • Creating and Managing Public Awareness Information
  • Backflow Prevention, Health Hazard Determination Survey – Identifying High Hazard Facilities
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Compliance.

HydroCorp can help make your Cross-Connection Control Program more efficient and cost-effective, while improving compliance – which helps ensure that you’re keeping your water system and your people safe from the hazards of backflow. To learn more, call our Minnesota office today at 612.638.6802.