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A Day Without Backflow Prevention

Can you imagine a day with our public water systems and buildings were totally lacking backflow prevention? This short Public Service Video service to call attention the importance of backflow prevention and cross-connection control throughout our national infrastructure.

Remember that each August 16th is National Backflow Prevention Day, in celebration of all that is involved in protecting our drinking water from backflow contamination. This is also a grand day of celebration for the growing community of Backflow Nerds United on LinkedIn, join the group HERE

Watch and share the important Public Service Announcement below.

Over 40 years ago, HydroCorp was launched as direct reaction to a cross-connection incident that occurred at a midwestern industrial facility. It’s true! Read more HERE: About | HydroCorp (hydrocorpinc.com)

Note: If you’re still reading this or skipped watching the short Public Awareness video above, you may qualify as a Backflow Nerd and should consider joining the Backflow Nerds United on LinkedIn!

Read the full fictitious article of “A Day Without Backflow Prevention” below,

or download the full article PDF for your lunchroom posterboard HERE.

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