Industrial Services

Expert Services for Safeguarding Drinking Water

Services ensuring health and safety of employees and guests, OSHA compliance, backflow prevention management, as-installed piping schematics, legionella control, and water quality and usage management.

Industrial Services

Expert Services for Safeguarding Drinking Water

Services ensuring health and safety of employees and guests, OSHA compliance, backflow prevention management, as-installed piping schematics, legionella control, and water quality and usage management 

What We Offer

Expert Services for Safeguarding Drinking Water

Drinking Water Safety Services

Our services are tailored specifically for each client’s needs and budget. From a simple water sampling survey to a comprehensive water management program, creation of as-installed piping schematics, customers engage with us at a range of service levels, each with the same outcome: a safe, protected, more compliant drinking water system. 


Outbreaks of legionella in facility water systems are on the rise, costing companies millions of dollars in litigation, remediation, lost production, negative press, and insurance…to say nothing of the potential human cost. Legionella guidelines, standards, and regulations are unequivocal in their requirements for facility legionella prevention and control – a HydroCorp specialty.


Backflow – a hydraulic event that can dangerously contaminate drinking water – is the result of cross-connections in facility plumbing systems. The risks and liabilities posed by backflow are a direct threat to human health and company exposure and may not be covered by insurance. We can help you protect your operation and your people.


Across the country, facility engineers and managers have become aware of the dangers of backflow – and how to control them – thanks to HydroCorp training. Instruction in cross-connection control and backflow prevention is customized for each facility and can be conducted either on site or through secure web-based remote learning sessions.


As the industry’s Safe Water Authority, HydroCorp has consulted on major facility projects with some of the most respected construction and engineering management firms in the country. They have found it easy to add HydroCorp’s distinctive expertise to their portfolio, while providing their clients a seamless service set that protects their drinking water, and their investment.


HydroCorp has the range of experience you want when protecting your drinking water supply

From the entire American automotive industry to bottling beer, from paper mills, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, passenger jet assembly to light manufacturing, HydroCorp has the range of experience you want when protecting your drinking water supply. Our specialists are experienced with facility infrastructure across all industries and will quickly identify the potential hazards that can impact health and safety and regulatory compliance. 

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