Case Studies

HydroCorp was called in to help develop a Legionella Disease Prevention Plan for a large Veteran’s Administration healthcare facility, in accordance with VHA Directive 1061. The VA campus is composed of thirteen buildings including a 7-story hospital, Community Living Center, and multiple residential buildings for housing veterans. A HydroCorp team was dispatched to identify any risks the building water systems might pose to patients and residents.

A major food packaging facility had water test results that failed SWDA standards during routine sampling of the water. The results required the halting of production for three days. They called HydroCorp, and a team from our Wisconsin office, led by General Manager Gary McLaren, went to investigate.

A nationwide hospital system had recently come under government scrutiny for a range of health and administrative missteps, garnering significant media coverage. The management of one of their major patient-care sites – this one encompassing over 50 buildings – contacted HydroCorp to conduct a proactive evaluation of their entire water distribution system. Time was of the essence, and a team led by Glenn Adamus, HydroCorp’s Vice President of Operations, was dispatched to the site.

A food processor was having a “bug” problem at one of their major (300,000 sq. ft.) facilities. During routine sampling of their water distribution system, abnormal bacterial growth was detected in several critical zones. In a cascade effect, these findings forced the company to shut down key sectors of the operation, resulting in lost revenue.