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Backflow Assembly Test Program Management

“We don’t do the Testing, We make the Test Tracking Easier"

Cross-connection control programs are a necessary – yet unfunded – burden, mandated by the state to protect drinking water from outside contamination. For utilities that outsource their backflow prevention program, the functional burden is reduced. But the financial burden remains.

Until now. HydroCorp – The Safe Water Authority™ – brings utilities an optimized backflow prevention program management system that practically eliminates costs to the utility. Ensures compliance with testing requirements. Minimizes costs to the consumer. And removes the hassle, for both the customer and the utility.

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High Performance, Low Impact

HydroCorp personnel have the training and experience needed to execute device testing quickly and effectively, minimizing any customer impact. Our systematic testing approach is designed to accommodate the special needs of critical high volume and commercial customers, and to enable comprehensive testing without any undue inconvenience to any customers. In the event that defects are found, HydroCorp will recommend appropriate repairs or facilitate device replacement by qualified service providers and purpose suited replacement devices as needed.

*State regulations and plumbing codes vary. 

The HydroCorp Program Delivers