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Every home, business, hospital and industrial facility in your community can put potable water safety at risk. Chemical or biological contamination of water supplies resulting from backflow or cross-connections can cause illness as well as creating multimillion dollar liabilities. Cross-Connection Control Program Management is our specialty – we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.


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Services to meet State & Local Regulations

Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention and inherent challenge to all public and private drinking water supply systems. Most state and local regulations require water providers to develop and maintain a viable Cross-Connection Control Program, to help minimize the threat of backflow in their communities. But it’s not so simple. Take a look at a typical CCC program, and you’ll see the task is daunting. Not to mention the additional pressure it puts on your people and resources.

HydroCorp can help. Cross-Connection Control Program Management is our specialty – we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years. Our programs keep in mind the expense for unfunded mandates and minimize costs to the water purveyor and water customers. We can design a streamlined, customizable Cross-Connection Control Program and incorporates:

We optimize effectiveness while minimizing costs

Extensive training, expertise, and experience with suppliers of all sizes enables our teams to develop comprehensive programs addressing both direct and indirect cross connections to ensure that drinking water remains contaminant-free.

Engineered Efficiency

We help you manage all components and communication requirements from conceptualization through program implementation. By actively engaging all stakeholders through a consultative process, we ensure that your Cross-Connection Control program is precisely keyed to your unique needs. HydroCorp’s proven, systematic approach facilitates efficiency during plan development and roll out, and optimizes the effective use of all available resources to ensure that your program remains sustainable and effective.

Budget Conscious

Public water suppliers throughout America understand that safety necessarily comes first, and effective Cross-Connection Control is its foundation. According to the American Water Works Association Research Foundation, more than 90 percent of water utilities nationwide maintain active cross-connection control programs; these consume more than 3.6% of these utilities’ annual budgets.


Why is a Cross-Connection Control Program So Important?

A cross-connection control program is not only critical from a public health perspective, but also in preventing significant exposure, litigation, and financial loss to anyone not in compliance with this important regulation.

It Protects Public Health.

Normally, water in a home or building flows in one direction. Under certain conditions, water can actually flow backwards; this is known as backflow, which can introduce contaminants into the drinking water supply with dangerous – even lethal – consequences.

It’s The Law.

State and local regulations and plumbing code requires approved backflow prevention methods to be installed at every point of potable water connection and use. Fines, penalties and the loss of water service are all possible if non-compliant. Furthermore, if contamination occurs and an individual or a group of individuals or their property suffers damage due to a backflow incident, they may seek damages from the municipality and the entity that contributed to the contamination.

HydroCorp can help make your Cross-Connection Control Program more efficient and cost-effective, while improving compliance – which helps ensure that you’re keeping your water system and your people safe from the hazards of backflow. To learn more, call our office today at 844.493.7646.

Service Across North America

Services are available for municipalities, utilities and water providers in North America.