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The HydroCorp team of cross-connection control and backflow consultants can interface with engineering and construction firms at any level, and at any point on their project timelines. We help ensure that potable water systems are safe, protected, and compliant with ever expanding regulations regarding backflow hazards and legionella prevention. For projects across the country, HydroCorp adds long term value and peace of mind.

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As the industry’s Safe Water Authority, HydroCorp has consulted on major facility projects with some of the most respected construction and engineering management firms in the country. They have found it easy to add HydroCorp’s distinctive expertise to their portfolio, while providing their clients a seamless service set that protects their drinking water, and their investment.


HydroCorp has the range of experience you want when protecting your drinking water supply

From the entire American automotive industry to bottling beer, from paper mills, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, passenger jet assembly to light manufacturing, HydroCorp has the range of experience you want when protecting your drinking water supply. Our specialists are experienced with facility infrastructure across all industries and will quickly identify the potential hazards that can impact health and safety and regulatory compliance.