20 Year Milestone of Backflow Class Partnership

Getting the required Continuing Education Credits or Units is an ongoing task Certified Water System Operators are familiar with, but finding effective classes on very specific topics can be a challenge. Niche topics like backflow prevention fundamentals, cross-connection control program adoption, and program administration can fall between the gaps of the class content for water operator continuing education classes. A Backflow Preventer Tester Certification program is essential for each state and region, but nearly as important is a well-rounded offering of backflow and cross-connection control education for general water system staff, decision makers and even Municipal Clerks.

Water Utility Associations across the nation have had great success by partnering with experts in the industry on specific topics to offer training and continuing education. In the article linked above to the Winter 2024 edition of the Wisconsin Rural Water Journal, an example of one such partnership is explored in more detail.

The Wisconsin Rural Water Association has been offering a wide variety of classes on cross-connection control program compliance, backflow prevention basics, cross-connection surveying, and backflow preventer testing for the past twenty years in partnership with HydroCorp, The Safe Water Authority. With over forty years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing Cross-Connection Control Programs for water utilities around the United States, HydroCorp is uniquely qualified to teach high quality education on the niche and specific topics of cross-connection control, backflow prevention, and backflow preventer testing. Click the link HERE to reach the full article and winter 2024 Newsletter issue.

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